Prince Vega: “I’d Vote For Donald Trump…IF I Was A Cocaine Addict.”

Republican presidential candidate Trump gestures and declares "You're fired!" at a rally in Manchester

Hip hop artist Prince Vega is not hiding his thoughts when it comes to the election that he admitted he cares nothing about. He’s a strong believer when it comes to the American More...

Prince Vega: “Am I The Only Person That Remembers Rand Paul Endorsed Mitt Romney?”

rand paul mitt romney

Hip Hop artist Prince Vega continues to speak his mind on everything happening in the world of politics now that the elections are coming up. He recently weighed in on the elections More...

Prince Vega: “It’s Sad That Freedom Movements Are Falling For The Election Again.”

vote here

Internet Hollywood founder & Hip hop artist Prince Vega seems to be very disappointed in how freedom movements continues to repeatedly fall for the election cycle over and More...

obama syria

While Americans Pay Attention To Drake & Meek Mill, Barack Obama Declares War On Syria

Has the Obama administration overstepped its Constitutional bounds by ramping up the bombing campaign against ISIS fighters to help a small number of Syrian rebels? Daniel McAdams More...

US Govt Agency Slaughtered 2.7 million Animals Last Year, Incl. Household Pets

RT.COM The US Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Service killed 2.7 million animals last year, thanks to its controversial culling program. Many of them weren’t killed More...

Consumer Reports Finds Dangerous Bacteria In Ground Beef

ground beef

The hamburger you eat could be making you sick. Consumer Reports found ground beef sold in grocery stores is contaminated More...

Planned Parenthood Cuts Through A Dead Baby’s Face To Harvest His Brain

sad stuff 1

One of the most shocking and heartbreaking videos have surfaced online of the extremely sad truth behind Planned More...

OShea-Jackson-Noisey1 Straight Outta Compton: Ice Cube Son O’Shea Jackson Talks To His Dad About Playing Him

Ice Cube chats to his son O’Shea Jackson about the huge task of playing him in...

j cole new 2 J. Cole Exposes The American Dream: “It’s All Bullsh*t. They Tell Us What Life Should Be About.”

Platinum selling rapper J. Cole just exposed the media in front of thousands of people, saying...

kim-kardashian Kim Kardashian Pleads For Tougher Gun Laws – Pushes For Gun Control On Twitter

Kim Kardashian is pleading for tougher gun laws on Twitter after a Houston man, David Conley, allegedly...

Hopsin: “Drake Got Exposed For Using A Ghostwriter And He’s Still On Top. This Aint Hip Hop.”


Hopsin just went on full blast on Twitter and exposed the entire industry with multiple tweets. He also expressed More...

Webster Tarpley: “NATO’s Plan Is To Push ISIS Towards Iran And Russia.”

Webster Tarpley gives a greatly detailed view on what he believes NATO is doing to further the elites secret agenda!..

Steve Forbes: Hillary Clinton Will Be A Third-Term Of Obama

Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce, Forbes Media Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Steve Forbes and Independent Women’s Forum reporter Jillian Melchior weigh in..

Carrie Madeline On Kanye West: “I Feel He Is A Disgrace To The Music Industry”

carrie ediiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

Kanye West has been capturing a lot of attention as of late after storming Beck’s acceptance speech at the More...

Shaelyn Mariah On Kanye West: VMAs: “He Should Shove His Head Up His A–”

  Internet Hollywood celebrity Shaelyn Mariah is lashing out at Kanye West after the artist stormed on the stage during Beck’s..

Hip Hop Artist Breezy Da Konvict Brushes Off Making Excuses, Says It’s For Scared People

Internet Hollywood Celebrity Breezy Da Konvict made it known to our reporters that he’s not a fan of making excuses. The..
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ground beef

Consumer Reports Finds Dangerous Bacteria In Ground Beef

The hamburger you eat could be making you sick. Consumer Reports found ground beef sold in grocery stores is contaminated by..
16 year old boy

LAPD Arrest 16 Year Old Boy For Not Wearing A Helmet On His Bike!

A video is now surfacing the Internet about a 16-year-old African American boy that was arrested by the LAPD for riding..