R.I.P David Crowley: ‘Anti-Government Filmmaker, And Friend of Prince Vega, Found Dead


For everybody that doesn’t know, A heavily respected independent filmmaker was found dead alongside his wife and daughter last week in Apple Valley. The majority of freedom More...

‘Brilliant’ Harvard Minds Are FINALLY Figuring Out ObamaCare Isn’t More “Affordable”


The heat is on and Obamacare is feeling it from every direction.  More...

Obama To Sanction N.Korea Over Sony Hack (Did They Do It?)

Obama and Kim

Many are speculating whether or not North Korea had anything to do with the Sony Hack. What do you think?  More...


Shell Oil Company To Pay $80 Million To Nigeria Locals For ‘Devastating’ Oil Spill

The Royal Dutch Shell oil company has agreed to pay $84m (£55m) in compensation to a Nigerian community affected by oil spills in the Niger Delta. Fishermen and farmers whose More...

United States Starts War With Another Country – Bombs Syria With Airstrikes

The United States have just started war with a brand new country against an imaginary threat called ISIS.  More...

Prince Vega – Valley Of The Kings


Prince Vega brings us into his realm of darkness with an amazing new track produced by Joey Claris.  More...

kanye-west Prince Vega: “I Believe Corporations Are Using The Media To Destroy Kanye West For Exposing Them”

Internet Hollywood Founder Prince Vega is weighing all possibilities when it comes to all the negative...

Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old Man Prince Vega: Al-Sharpton Is A CIA Plant That’s Trying To Lead Ferguson Protesters In The Wrong Direction

Prince Vega is making sure his views are known publicly about the Michael Brown Incident that...

county police Prince Vega: The Government Manufactured Ebola – And Now They’re Distracting Us With Ferguson

Prince Vega is finally opening up about the situation inside of Ferguson that has triggered protests...

Internet Hollywood’s First Magazine Officially Released For $5.99! (READ INSIDE)


Carrie Madeline has officially took over Internet Hollywood’s first magazine! The magazine is now being released More...

Prince Vega Names First Album ‘The Rapture’ – Will Perform At 50 Shows In Tour Starting March

Internet Hollywood Founder Prince Vega is powering up for a busy year and is already announcing a tour to support his..

Photographer William Joseph Ranked The #1 Biggest Male Headliner In Internet Hollywood

William Joseph is now ranked the #1 biggest male headliner in Internet Hollywood for his amazing work. William has made a..

Mayhem Music: Late Nite Snacks Selfies Up With New Photo On Facebook

snacks giggity

Internet Hollywood headliner Late Nite Snacks is opening up his Thursday morning with a brand new selfie flick More...

Mayhem Music: Upcoming Rapper Snacks Giggaty Keeps It Fresh For New Selfie Flick

The Mayhem Music underground has found all it takes to proceed its daily news coverage of rising talent all over the..

PrinceVegaTV: Is Prime Ex New “H” Mix-Tape Worth Listening To? Check Our Review!

 Many would over exaggerate the sound of something they like and convince themselves that its something they love. I’ve grown to..
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Internet Hollywood is now starting a brand new feature for all users that is interested in submitting news or videos to..

Monsanto Earnings Fall 34 Percent Due to Lower Corn Seed Sales!

(Reuters) – Monsanto Co (MON.N) on Wednesday reported a 34 percent drop in quarterly profit, in part because of lower planted..

Tompkins County Sherriffs Department Destroys House To Serve Warrant

A violation of Probation for a D.W.I. and it took over 150 officers from over 18 agencies and military vehicles with..