GAO Launches Undercover Obamacare Sting Operation — Finds Fraud Applications Everywhere


GAO launched an Obamacare Sting Operation—and found out almost all fake insurance applications were improved  More...

U Mad Bro?: Federal Court Rules Against ObamaCare Subsidy Decision For Illegally Stretching It


iizthatiiz wrote: July 22nd, 2014 * The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Obama administration illegally stretched the written meaning of the Affordable Care Act More...

Barack Obama Blames Russia For Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Crash In New Speech

obama giza

US President Barack Obama is making comments on Ukraine and the Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash, from the White House.  More...


UN’s Navi Pillay Urges The UN To Investigate Israel’s Actions In Gaza Due To Possible ‘War Crimes’

Israel’s military actions in Gaza “could amount to war crimes” according to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay.  More...

Israeli Forces Shells School Sheltering Displaced Palestinians In Central Gaza

PressTV News The Israeli onslaught on the Gaza Strip is now in its fifteenth day. The number of Palestinian casualties, who are mostly women and children, keeps rising. Israeli More...

Israeli Air Strike Kills 25 Family Members In Gaza

israel gaza

  In one of the deadliest strikes in Gaza, Israel said it was targeting a Hamas operative. But the strike killed 26 More...

Protest At Chaderghat By HRF Against Isreal Attacks On Gaza


Protest at Chaderghat by HRF against Israel attacks on Gaza where innocent Palestinian are being killed. Read More...

boko Prince Vega: Boko Haram In Nigeria Is Created And Funded By The CIA; They’re Recolonizing Africa

Prince Vega is again speaking his thoughts publicly against the established order after hearing President Barack...

hillary news Prince Vega: The Media’s Going To Spin Hillary Clinton’s Run With Sexism To Make Her Appealing

Prince Vega continues to way deeper on controversial topics that may create unwanted tensions by many...

mastaba 1 Prince Vega: The Illuminati Is Fake Free Masons That Stolen Egyptian Symbols To Deceive You (PHOTOS)

Prince Vega is finally returning back to the fight against corruption himself! The Hip Hop artist...



Everyday we are being asked for help by unsigned artists around the world that needs a little extra push in More...

Prince Vega: Boko Haram In Nigeria Is Created And Funded By The CIA; They’re Recolonizing Africa

Prince Vega is again speaking his thoughts publicly against the established order after hearing President Barack Obama deployed dozens of troops..

JoeyClaris Productions: Prince Vega Discovers Vimeo; Releases Two New Freestyles (Prod. By Joey Claris)

Prince Vega is finally putting his lyrics where his mouth is and Vimeo has the latest music updates! The music artist..

Joey Claris Slams The System, Says We Choose To Live Life The Way Others Perceive It

joey and justin

Joey Claris is swinging blows deeply into a topic that hasn’t been addressed as much as it should. The topic More...

JoeyClaris 1st Week February Vlog

Joey Claris finally breaks into the streaming vlog realm with a random video published for the eyes of the public!..

Joey Claris Reveals The Experience Through The Meditation Stages

Joey Claris explores the meditation stages and shares the experience with you all! The Process 1. When the eye is open..
drawing 1

Joey Claris Unleashes A Creative Masterpiece, Combines New Drawing With Her New Beat

Joey Claris releases a monster beat alongside a perfect drawing in this incredible creative video!..
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Internet Hollywood Radio Show Postponed; The Show Will Premiere March 6th at 5:00 PM EST.

We are sorry to inform everyone that the show will not be premiering until tomorrow afternoon at 5:00 PM EST.. Miscommunication..

Hilarious: 50 Cent Talks To Floyd Mayweather Jr. About Nelly Stealing His Fiancée Shantel Jackson

After hearing the news about Floyd Mayweather Jr. being devastated to learn that his former fiancee Shantel Jackson was now seeing..