Prince Vega: “Having Kids Just To Get Money From The Government Is A Immature-Selfish Decision.”


Hip Hop artist Prince Vega is trying share a positive message to young women in lower class neighborhoods that’s choosing to have children to get money from the government, More...

Prince Vega: “I Believe Most Of The People In The Freedom Movements Are Not Fully Awake.”


Hip Hop artist Prince Vega doesn’t mind speaking his mind when it comes to things happening inside and outside the freedom world, or the world itself. The Internet Hollywood More...

Prince Vega: “I Think Travis Barker Jacked That Song ’100′ From A Rapper In Connecticut.”

travis barker

Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega is opening up about a new song Travis Barker released a little over a month ago called ’100′. Apparently he finds it strange More...

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Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower Arrested After TV Interview

RT - Nuclear whistle blower, Mordechai Vanunu, has been arrested by Israeli police in connection with an interview he gave to a TV channel. The authorities claim he violated More...

Israel Reportedly Planning To Demolish 17,000 Palestinian Buildings In West Bank

RT - Palestinians have little chance of obtaining a construction permit in the West Bank, while Israel keeps issuing new demolition orders for Palestinian buildings faster More...

Joey Claris Is Now Officially The Co-founder Of Internet Hollywood!!


Joey Claris is officially claiming the higher ranks she deserves as co-founder of Internet Hollywood. Her influence will More...

The Reason A Joey Claris ‘Rap Contest’ Will Be Important For Underground Rappers Online

joey and justin

Joey Claris continues to establish herself as one of the most powerful producers building her legacy in the digital More...

lonnie edit newwwwwwwwwwwwww Model Lonnie Alex Praises Joey Claris’ New Beat: “I Can See It In A Anime or Video Game”

Joey Claris – Internet Hollywood superstar Lonnie Alex is imagining big to the creative sounds Joey...

cristal new edit 1 Playboy Model Cristal Catalina Responds To Joey Claris New Rap Beat: “Make A Music Video”

Joey Claris – Singer & Producer Joey Claris is gaining the publicity she deserves behind the...

carrie ediiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit Carrie Madeline On Kanye West: “I Feel He Is A Disgrace To The Music Industry”

Kanye West has been capturing a lot of attention as of late after storming Beck’s acceptance...

Whatcha Say?: Fan Toni Ann Tries To Decode Joey Claris’ Lyrics From Her Song ‘Potion’

toni ann k

Joey Claris Network – Dozens of amazing supporters are opening up their minds to try to find the meaning More...

U.S. Rep. Claims U.S. Has To Choose Between Funding Planned Parenthood And “Feeding Children”


Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner claims at a House Judiciary Committee hearing that the US must choose between Planned More...

Obama Has Prosecuted More Whistleblowers Than All Presidents Combined – Assange

RT - Julian Assange may have been stuck in Ecuador’s London embassy for years, but he’s not been resting on his laurels...

George W. Bush Dances At 10th Katrina Anniversary

Former US President George W. Bush returned to New Orleans on the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina – to tout the..
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Internet Hollywood is now starting a brand new feature for all users that is interested in submitting news or videos to..

FBI Admits to Infiltrating Burning Man Festival to Gather Intelligence

The Anti Media - The FBI was forced to admit that they have sent undercover agents to the Burning Man festival under..
16 year old boy

LAPD Arrest 16 Year Old Boy For Not Wearing A Helmet On His Bike!

A video is now surfacing the Internet about a 16-year-old African American boy that was arrested by the LAPD for riding..