Obama Administration Confirms Some Americans Who Joined ISIS Have Returned To U.S., Officials Say

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The White House acknowledged on Monday that some Americans fighting with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria have returned to the United States, estimating that more than 100 More...

Holder: Justice Dept. Will Investigate Ferguson Police


Attorney General Eric Holder announces the Justice Department will investigate the Ferguson, Missouri, police department. More from CNN at http://www.cnn.com/  More...

President Obama Holds a Press Conference at the NATO Summit

obama press conference

On September 5, 2014, President Obama held a press conference at the 2014 NATO Summit in Newport, Wales.  More...

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United States Starts War With Another Country – Bombs Syria With Airstrikes

The United States have just started war with a brand new country against an imaginary threat called ISIS.  More...

Human Rights Watch Describes Documenting War Crimes In Gaza

Group of foreign policies experts participates in a discussion on the Israeli-Gaza conflict.  More...

Raw Footage: US Airstrikes Against ISIS in Syria

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Gaza: Drone Footage Reveals Israel’s Devastating Destruction Of Shuja’iyya

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Drone footage reveals the devastating destruction to Shuja’iyya (Shejaia), a neighbourhood district in Gaza More...

Nigeria Ebola Prince Vega: The Government Used Ebola To Get Troops Into West Africa Because Boko Haram Failed

Prince Vega is not pleased with what he’s seeing over the internet and like always he’s...

ebola symptoms Prince Vega: As Soon As Americans Fall For Ebola Their Government Will Manufacture It There

Hip Hop artist Prince Vega is again sharing his thoughts on the growing concerns in America...

Protest against the military operation in Fallujah Prince Vega: Terrorist Group ISIL Is A Fabricated Enemy Funded By The US And Its Allies

Prince Vega is again skeptical about the rising terrorist group known to the world as ‘ISIS’...

Protesters March In Des Moines For ‘Ferguson Solidarity March’


Protesters marched from the Iowa State Capitol to the Polk County Courthouse Saturday afternoon as part of More...

J. Cole – Be Free (Michael Brown Tribute – Ferguson, Mo.)

J. Cole pays tribute to Michael Brown in his new song entitled “Be Free.”..

Obamacare Hitting Students Hard – Losing Work Hrs. & Insurance

Campuses are capping student work hours at a maximum 20 hrs. per week to comply with Obamacare regulations. Students are loosing..

The Reason A Joey Claris ‘Rap Contest’ Will Be Important For Underground Rappers Online

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Joey Claris continues to establish herself as one of the most powerful producers building her legacy in the More...

Female Producer Joey Claris Blends Animation Clip With Two New Beats – Is She Onto Something New?

Sorrow Princess Joey Claris is entering her second week with a powerful comeback after squeezing through a schedule that continues to..

Joey Claris: One Of The Most Deadliest Female Producers On Earth – Releases New Deadly Beat!

Female producer Joey Claris continues to prove she’s one of the most dangerous producers to ever hit Youtube. The power behind..
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Joey Claris Unleashes A Creative Masterpiece, Combines New Drawing With Her New Beat

Joey Claris releases a monster beat alongside a perfect drawing in this incredible creative video!..
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Internet Hollywood Radio Show Postponed; The Show Will Premiere March 6th at 5:00 PM EST.

We are sorry to inform everyone that the show will not be premiering until tomorrow afternoon at 5:00 PM EST.. Miscommunication..

Hilarious: 50 Cent Talks To Floyd Mayweather Jr. About Nelly Stealing His Fiancée Shantel Jackson

After hearing the news about Floyd Mayweather Jr. being devastated to learn that his former fiancee Shantel Jackson was now seeing..