Obama Ignores Congress….Again — Aims To Expand Obamacare Coverage

Barack Obama

Ignoring Congress …Again – Obama Aiming To Expand Obamacare Coverage – Judge Napolitano – F&F  More...

Top Pentagon Official: Destroying Hamas Would Only Create Another ‘Islamic State’


A grim and unpredictable future could befall the Middle East if Hamas is destroyed, a top Pentagon official said, warning that another rampaging extremist group akin to the More...

Man Explodes at Obama: You’re Anti-Christ, You’ll Be Destroyed

heckler antichrist

YouPoliticsNews Heckler to President Obama, You Are Anti-Christ. Obama heckled today as he delivers remarks on the economy Thursday, July 24, from the Los Angeles Trade and More...


Rula Jebreal vs Chris Hayes: MSNBC Cuts Debate Short When The Truth Goes To Far

Rula Jebreal said on MSNBC yesterday that the network (as well as the rest of the media) is betraying a pro-Israel bias in its coverage of the Gaza conflict, and tweeted hours More...

Hamas Working With Israel?: Camera Captures Hamas Murdering Innocent Palestinians At A Wedding

This has to be one of the most disgusting videos I have ever seen come out of Gaza during this conflict with Israel!  More...

Update: Israeli Fire Hits UN Facility In Gaza, Killing 15 Palestinians

israel shell

Newsloop Top News Gaza health officials say at least seven people were killed when Israeli tank shells hit a compound housing More...

Israeli Air Strike Kills 25 Family Members In Gaza

israel gaza

  In one of the deadliest strikes in Gaza, Israel said it was targeting a Hamas operative. But the strike More...

the n word Prince Vega: Blacks Shouldn’t Get Mad At Whites For Saying “Nigga” When We Glorify The Word

Prince Vega continues to speak his thoughts on controversial topics that may not sit right with...

jesse and martin Prince Vega: I’m Convinced Jesse Jackson Had Ties With The People That Assassinated Martin Luther King Jr.

The headlines of our universe continues to expand with more news involving some of the most...

boko Prince Vega: Boko Haram In Nigeria Is Created And Funded By The CIA; They’re Recolonizing Africa

Prince Vega is again speaking his thoughts publicly against the established order after hearing President Barack...

Hundreds March Near Times Square Calling For End To Israel-Gaza Violence

Hundreds march near Times Square calling for end to Israel-Gaza violence

Hundreds of protesters take to the streets of New York to rally against the ongoing violence between Israel More...

Obama Law Prof: After Halbig Decision ‘I Wouldn’t Bet’ on Obamacare Surviving

Obamacare is back under the microscope again by many people who shares a different opinion from the mainstream media!..

Obamacare Court Of Appeals Rulings Explained

TheLipTV Obamacare is facing a legal challenge in the form of Halbig v. Burwell where a federal appeals court in Washington,..

Joey Claris Slams The System, Says We Choose To Live Life The Way Others Perceive It

joey and justin

Joey Claris is swinging blows deeply into a topic that hasn’t been addressed as much as it should. The topic More...

JoeyClaris 1st Week February Vlog

Joey Claris finally breaks into the streaming vlog realm with a random video published for the eyes of the public!..

Joey Claris Reveals The Experience Through The Meditation Stages

Joey Claris explores the meditation stages and shares the experience with you all! The Process 1. When the eye is open..
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Joey Claris Unleashes A Creative Masterpiece, Combines New Drawing With Her New Beat

Joey Claris releases a monster beat alongside a perfect drawing in this incredible creative video!..
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Internet Hollywood Radio Show Postponed; The Show Will Premiere March 6th at 5:00 PM EST.

We are sorry to inform everyone that the show will not be premiering until tomorrow afternoon at 5:00 PM EST.. Miscommunication..

Hilarious: 50 Cent Talks To Floyd Mayweather Jr. About Nelly Stealing His Fiancée Shantel Jackson

After hearing the news about Floyd Mayweather Jr. being devastated to learn that his former fiancee Shantel Jackson was now seeing..